The good old days of Spraymount and lighter fluid!
OK, so this, I think, is where it started. The AGFA ‘Repromaster’ is possibly the first 'camera' I learned to use and to be fair, it was the right piece of kit to do so for a kid. Big knobs, lots of lights and with a developer right next to it, you knew you got it wrong within minutes.

1st Camera

I've got my father, my dad - my old man if you like to thank for this, he operated a successful graphic design and advertising business for a good number of years, I spent my school holidays having endless fun in the darkroom loosely 'working' for him.

He had a Minolta XG-M 35mm and two lenses he let me use, one of the lenses being the ‘….be bloody careful with that lens son, it was expensive!’ 32mm wide angle, I’m sure it was in the 80’s and I’d like to think that I did look after them as he still has them today. The good thing about using film was as it was a relatively expensive process – buying film and developing, it made you actually think about what you were doing, ensuring you got it right the first time.

I had a break from taking photo’s when I went to school and college and after studying electronics I got a job in the lighting industry. After meddling with various ‘pocket’ cameras (remember the APS system??), I bought my very first SLR in the form of a second hand Minolta X-7000 – sticking with what I had learned, the bug had bitten me.

Today, I have been dragged kicking and screaming into the ‘Digital’ age and shoot several Nikon DSLR's (sorry Sony/Minolta!) with an increasing collection of lenses (yes dad, I’ll be careful!!) and related paraphernalia.

Surrounded by stunning scenery, living in West Yorkshire is ideal for getting out and about – central to pretty much the rest of the world ;0)

Tim Bailey
Tim Bailey